Schumann's Resort & Spa

Volcancito Road Jardin Encantado Estate
Alto Boquete, PA.CH

Our Enchanted Garden Suites bring you into close proximity to the abundant birdlife, flowers and other exotic plants of the surrounding grounds. Stay close to the beauty of nature – right outside your door.
Enjoy an exquisite breakfast and fine dining at our restaurant SCHUMANN'S conveniently located steps away from your room.

The SCHUMANN'S Resort & Spa exists in authentic balance with the surrounding natural environment, presenting guests with immediate, up-close encounters with the unique biodiversity of Boquete, Panama. The Jardin Encantado resort offers exclusive accommodations in a limited selection of hotel suites, situated comfortably in the well-preserved Rainforest Park adjoining the resort.

Staying at Jardin Encantado offers a one-of-a-kind guest experience, where people can enjoy the comforts of world-class accommodations while also benefiting from the invigorating, colorful palette of nature’s colors, sights, sounds and tactile experiences.

SCHUMANN'S Resort & Spa gives guests the best of all possible worlds: sophisticated amenities, comfortable accommodations, professional hospitality, knowledgeable local excursions and tour guides, all in an environment predicated on the respect and conservation of the natural beauty and unique ecology of this region of Panama.

Each day spent at Jardin Encantado is a day in paradise, hearing the songs of the birds, the thrum of wildlife in the trees, the gentle touch of the spring-like breeze. See exotic birdlife, leopards, monkeys, turtles, fish, butterflies, and remarkable floral abundance.

Let us be your trusted guide to experience this Panamanian paradise. Find your personal enchantment at SCHUMANN'S in the Jardin Encantado Park.
Open Sundays

Claudia Schumann

 Claudia Schumann
Course Menu Dining with an unforgettable Experience. Old Recipes with a new and personal touch.

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