Heal with the Mermaid: The Mermaid's Massage and Healing

There are many ways the body, mind and spirit can be healed, and one of them is through massage which not only increases physical health and pleasure, it also connects you with your higher self, giving the sense of being a whole with the Universe.

Massage used to be thought as a luxury, however now it has been proven to be beneficial, in part because it releases stored stress and suppressed emotions! We often hold many negative feelings and emotions from past experiences, such as childhood or even adult traumas.

Massage heals you from the inside out, it touches your soul in ways that it reflects on the outside. Often, after a massage you not just feel good...you look good! It rejuvenates and this is something we all want.

Physical benefits

- Improves circulation/ aids in healing scar tissue/ releases chronic muscle tension/ reduces physical fatigue / promotes better sleep / reduces blood pressure / nourishes your skin.

Mental , Spiritual and Emotional benefits

- Creates clear thinking / Releases stored stress / enhances your senses making you aware of your surroundings and improves a sense of peace / Sharpens your mind helping you with your day to day living / energizes your whole body / opens the energy flow increasing better functioning of your chakras.

Massage, along with other types of healing such as meditation, yoga, Tai-Chi, etc. will improve overall your health; so why not invest time on what matter the most...YOU!

Something to ponder:

I am very glad to see and help anyone that comes to me for help, however there's just so much as a Masseuse I can do, to better your condition, keep in mind that many illness and conditions that has been there for years, will not automatically disappear with one treatment, everything... like the cycles of the universe, have a process and this takes time to heal.

People with Sciatica and Scoliosis for instance, can greatly benefit from massages, however as I mentioned this is not a cure, this will improve your pre-existing condition delaying it's progress. I can help and heal most of your aching, but the real healer of your body is YOU.


- Therapeutic Massage ......$40.00 (1 HOUR )
- Lomi-Lomi Massage....$35.00 (1 HOUR)
- Therapeutic Massage with stretching......$42.00 (1 HOUR)


MimiĀ“s Foot Spa & Reflexology Therapy

What is reflexology?

Is an ancient therapy, focused on the hands and feet. The feet have reflexes connected to the organs and parts of the bodies, which affect from the way we sleep to the way we digest our meals.

What is Mimi Foot Spa Treatment?

As a Holistic Therapist, I am aware of the importance feet hold in our body. The feet unfortunately are not given the focus it needs. They are usually neglected and are literally IGNORED by us. But blissfully there are several holistic therapies available to nurture those wonderful feet of ours. So I offer a complete foot therapy (no pedicure) focused mainly on your reflexes areas.

My Foot Spa Therapy includes:

- Foot Soak using herbal sea salt infusions such as, Rosemary, eucalyptus, sage and spearmint + Foot Scrub using my own organic products + Reflexology ending with hot stone massage. $ 30.00 (1 hour)

- Herbal sea salt foot soak + Foot Reflexology + Foot Massage with energy balancing therapy. $30.00 (1 hour)

- Reflexology + Massage only. $25.00 (45 minutes)

- House Calls have an additional cost of ($10.00)

I am also available for events such as:

Bachelor Parties
Day Spas

From TripAdvisor:

Robert B
Fantastic massage at a great price

Mimi gave one of the best massages I've ever received. It was so good I am trying to book another session before I leave two days from now. She has great intuition, is really friendly, and speaks perfect English (and Spanish). Skip the bigger spas and go here.

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