Cafe Ruiz

About Our Business

We love to present coffee products for the enjoyment and the
appreciation of cup complexity. All these as the result of the
location uniqueness (climate and terroir) - coupled together with
coffee varieties potential - and the work of dedicated hands who
process, roast and prepares coffees at its best.

Boquete Valley Gourmet Coffee and Boquete Valley
Flavored Coffee are registered trademark for our line of
roasted Mountain Grown, Gourmet & Specialty coffees grown in
Boquete - Panama.

We strive for the best cup development a bean is able to
generate. In order to do this, a group of committed local people
do their required job following specific quality parameters.

The roasted coffee is shipped around the world as finished local
product. For the last thirteen years these coffees are available
directly in the North American market through Ruiz Coffee


The Art of Tasting Coffee

This is a unique experience in getting to know about tasting great
coffees. As First Gourmet Coffee Roasters from Panama, we are
devoting our time to learn more about the wonderful world of
great coffees.

The Short Coffee Story

A brief introduction to Coffee in Boquete. The tree, its fruits, and
the growing process. With a brief background on the history of
coffee in Boquete. An explanation of the green processing with a
little bit of the roasting part. At the end, a taste of our Original
Gourmet Coffee.

The Coffee Fruit and its Seeds - The Green side and the

The story told by a sip is mysterious and longer when one looks
at its beginning and on - from the seed to the tree, from the tree
to the cherry, from the cherry to the green coffee bean ready to
be artfully roasted.
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