Bird Watching at Finca Lerida

The trails of Finca Lerida are ecological paths that lead you through the coffee plantation and tropical forest of Boquete.

This is the most accessible region of Chiriqui’s High Lands where the beautiful Quetzal bird can be seen thanks to the conservation of the forest and the “Aguacatillo” tree that provides the Quetzal with its favorite fruit.

Most of these trails go deep inside La Amistad International Park where more than 500 species of American Tropical birds can be found.
9/10/2019 4:21:58 PM
Finca Lerida has a wonderful bird watching tour for $65 or $80 with lunch which starts at 8am.
They also have a coffee tour at $35 per person with times at 10am and 1:30pm the tour is 2 hours long. I actually have not been to either tour but visited today to ask about the tours themselves and saw that this page had no ratings. Thus I hope this information will be useful for those who wish to go. Even while just sitting at the coffee shop at Finca Lerida you can catch a picture or two of various birds because they put out fruits for the birds to eat.
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