Volcan Baru National Park

The Volcan Baru National Park is a park built around and named after the only Volcano in all of Panama, the aptly named Volcan Baru. On a clear day, you should be able to see both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea if you're up in Volcan Baru. It is also Panama's tallest peak and has a cloud forest near its peak.
Volcan Baru is paradise in the purest form of the word. It's volcanic soil makes it an ideal place for plants and animals to grow naturally. Thus you will find fruits, flowers and vegetables abound. Bird watching is also a favorite among tourists. There are bird species that can only be found in this area.
On the foot of Volcan Baru National Park, you'll find the towns of Volcan, Cerro Punta on the west and Boquete on the east side. These towns offer everything you'll ever need while touring this tropical wonderland.

14,325 hectares – the area covered by Volcan Baru National Park

3,475 meters – the highest point in Panama, Volcan Baru's peak.

30 minutes – David to Boquete by car.
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