Panama Red Rum

A single taste of Panama Red Rum might lead one to believe it has been around for decades. In a sense it has. Though formally introduced in the US in the summer of 2011, the taste and the history of this fine rum is reminiscent of another place, another time.

The place was Cuba and the era was Pre-Castro, when this country was known the world over for the quality of its rum. It was during this time that a young man came to appreciate the achievement of producing world-class rum. His name was Jim Wasson. After years of tasting rums that returned with his grandfather who travelled extensively in Cuba and Latin America, Wasson developed a highly refined taste for – and love of – premium rum. But the complex, smooth blend of rum he had experienced in his youth had since been lost. And it became Wasson’s mission to recapture that taste and to share it with the world once again.

In his own travels, Wasson sought out the man many have called the finest Master blender of premium rums in the world – Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandes. While Fernandes learned his craft in Cuba, he later made his home in Panama, the very place where the two men would succeed in producing the SMOOTHEST RUMS ON EARTH.™

It is with great pride that Panamonte Brands introduces you to the sole premium 108 overproof rum on the market today. And it is our sincere hope that you will experience all the richness and satisfaction its creators labored so diligently to capture. Introducing Panama Red Rum. Savor the moment.

Available in Boquete at these fine places:
- Boquete Sandwich Shop
- Big Daddy's
- Fenix Cafe
- The Rock
- Oasis Hotel
- Fusion
- Mike's Global Grill
- Panamonte Hotel
- RetroGusto
- Schumann's
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