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Design & Planning

YOU DREAM IT.,.. and, We Can Create It…

Often our clients provide us the opportunity to fashion what has not previously been created. This is an area where our trade knowledge, expertise, and affiliations become invaluable.

With over twenty five years in the industry from custom fabrication to implementation, we have created a network of industry professionals to get your ideas “off of the paper” and into reality.

And… we can be your Dream Weaver!

Our clients do not always know exactly what they want. We are masters of creation and innovation and our expertise is applied to every aspect of your kitchen upgrade experience or home construction project.

We will design, present and revise your perfect conceptual ideas, and help Make Your Dreams Come True!

Custom Kitchens

Pan Pacific Interiors Corp. is a Canadian company with over 30 years of master craftsman experience… NOW with a new office and manufacturing facility in David, Chiriqui, Panama. We provide full and detailed design drawings with 3-D rendered presentation drawings which are completed prior to any construction to ensure our client gets exactly what they want.

Fully adjustable shelves
Optional full-extension pull-out shelving in lower cabinets for easy access
All cabinets are manufactured to specific design criteria with the latest computer controlled technology and machinery
All cabinets assembled to strict standards in a controlled environment
All kitchens and cabinets are fully shop assembled and set-up prior to delivery to the client
All cabinets are thoroughly inspected during our quality control process prior to shipping
This ensures an accurate quick on-site installation
All site installations (when requested) are performed by professionally trained staff to guarantee the perfect installation and fit every time

Melamine Interiors
Melamine is a stable manufactured sheet-good product
High water and moisture resistance
Much higher than solid wood
Does not split, warp and bind like solid wood
High wear resistance
Fire and flame resistant
Mildew and mold resistant
Most solid wood is not resistant to mildew and mold
Not susceptible to insects and rodents
Wide range of architectural patterns and textures
An industry standard for the European and North American kitchen cabinet marketplace

All drawers are mounted with commercial grade full-extension ball-bearing drawer glides
‘Soft-Motion’ self-closing drawer glides with integrated metal sides
Allows for maximum access to the drawers and what they contain

All doors are mounted with premium quality concealed European hinges
We use ‘Soft-Motion’ self-closing hinge hardware

Our service is EXCEPTIONAL

Your job will be delivered on time
You will have a customer service specialist working with you
Change Order approval system
Kitchen Consultant available to support you with cost effective design changes
Always be there when agreed upon
Always be reachable by phone or email during business hours
You are welcome to visit our manufacturing shop and show room during business hours
Best warranty in the business
5 years on our workmanship and hardware!

Granite, Marble and Quartz Countertops

Pan Pacific Interiors Corp. fabricates and installs quartz, granite and marble counter tops. All stone work is fabricated to exacting precision on CNC (computer controlled) milling equipment with all polishing done by hand by skilled craftsmen. All work is cover under Pan Pacific Interiors, industry best, 5-year warranty.


Vinyl Plank Flooring has skyrocketed in popularity in the last several years.
I think this rise in popularity and acceptance can be attributed to two things.

Vinyl plank wood flooring… and I mean the real stuff…It’s a fresh new look!

Resilient flooring manufacturers have greatly improved the look and feel of vinyl flooring, converting buyers who may not have previously bought vinyl flooring in the past.

To begin, let’s look at real wood plank flooring.

After all… we need to know what we´re trying to replicate in the first place.

Six inch width and wider – wood plank flooring is perfect to create your amazing flooring look and feel! Exactly how wide is up to you, but generally you can choose six inches or wider to create that perfect look you desire.
Planks are long – Again, length is flexible. Some plank flooring manufacturers sell wide plank in 36” to 48” lengths.

Distressed, Antiqued? Completely optional… but you´ll find that much of the wide plank flooring out there also has a heavily antiqued or distressed look, hand-scraped, dinged, scratched, and peppered with nail holes. My description does not do the product justice: a good distressed wide plank flooring looks fantastic.

Costly? Not necessarily… Our suppliers have many selections of authentic wood plank flooring, and prices range from $4.00 to $12.00 per square foot.

Hard to Install? Solid wood is difficult enough for the inexperienced DIY remodeler to install, and increasing the length and width of the boards makes the job even harder.

Are there any similarities or differences between wood plank and vinyl plank flooring?

Width of Plank Vinyl Flooring: Chalk one up for the flooring manufacturers! You´ll find plenty of plank vinyl flooring in the 6″ range and even up to 7 3/4″.

Length of Vinyl Plank Flooring: You will rarely find plank vinyl flooring over three feet long, due to manufacturing and
shipping concerns.

Surface Treatment: Because resilient flooring is cooked up in the test tube, as it were, and stamped out in a factory, any kind of surface treatment is possible. So, you will find both heavily distressed plank vinyl flooring and “like-new”. It´s your choice.

Vinyl Plank Flooring Cost: In the price category, resilient vinyl plank flooring has the wood version beat… hands down! We’re looking at prices in the range of $3-4 per square foot or as much as $5-6. But rarely will the vinyl plank floor reach the level of wood plank prices.

Installation: Very easy to install. Whether self-adhesive or glue-down, resilient plank flooring is always easier to install than traditional wood plank flooring. Practically any homeowner can install vinyl plank flooring by himself / herself, though it must be noted that glue-down planks are more difficult to install than it appears. That’s why you need professionals like us… to help create the perfect results in your home or office.

Ceiling Tiles

Ceilume thermoformed ceiling tiles are a cost effective superior alternative to all other ceiling tiles. They can easily replace existing ceiling tiles providing a new, impressive architectural look and feel or be used in new construction to create striking and inspiring spaces. Many of the patterns can even be glued directly to the ceiling substrate removing the need and cost of the suspended ceiling grid. Ceilume thermoformed ceiling tiles provide a welcome superior alternative to anything available in today’s market place.

Why are Ceilume Ceiling tiles the best?

Cost comparable to architecturally regular mineral fiber ceiling tile
Wide range of distinct and unique colours, finishes and patterns
Thermoformed ceiling tiles are 100% water proof, mold and mildew resistant, non-porous, hygienic, easy to clean alternative to acoustic ceiling tile
Fit all standard ceiling grids for quick professional looking installation
Excellent for new and renovation projects
100% dust-free, will not break or flake
Class A Rated for surface-burning characteristics
IAPMO Recognized, FM Approved, CertMark Recognized, UL Listed, and ICC-ES Recognized ceiling panels and ceiling tiles
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