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"As the nature of our holistic medicine work is predominately vibrational and energetic - almost all of our Healing Services can be done in distance. As the energetic domain of ourselves resides on a level that is beyond space & time, then there can be no limitations in effectiveness of well crafted healing work. This has been Experienced , Developed , and Refined over 16 years of diligent practice and dedicated service. All of this wonderful science of healing is based on very elemental vibratory laws that exist in the universe. The more we develop the subtle and inner dimensions of ourselves - the more these laws become the common knowledge and daily experience. It is our privilege to be extensively trained practitioners of the "Subtle Arts" - and our pleasure to share this rich energetic world with our clients." - Jason

Homeopathy - The Wise & Intelligent Medicine

Homeopathy is the second most commonly used form of medicine in the world, behind indigenous herbal medicine
(conventional Western or “allopathic” medicine is fourth).

Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine, and as such is helpful with the entire spectrum of human illness. This includes both physical and emotional disease.

Homeopathy enjoys Tremendous Success in Treating Various Health Conditions
It is Safe, Natural ,Non-Invasive, Non- Toxic and Works With Body's Natural Intelligence !

Holistic Panama
*Has State - of - The Art Advanced Healing Technology to Evaluate , Compose & Compound Homeopathic Remedies Here in Boquete

*We Have Hundreds Of Remedies that can be Created & Compounded at any Potency to Address the Needs of the Body

* Certified Practitioner in Functional Applied Homeopathy & Homotoxicology

* Resonance testing Equipment to Determine What Remedy works best for you Based on Your Current Health Needs or Determination of Constitutional Remedies

*The Ability to Design & Manage a Healing / or Detox Program with Homeopathic Remedies and Holistic Guidance to Move the Person Successfully through a Health & Wellness Process

* Holistic Assessments and Consultations

We have Great Results in Treating Cases such as : Arthritis & Joint Care , Depression , Candidae , Sprained Ankles, Acne , Emotional Issues, Dementia , Organ Detoxification , Eczema, Hormone Imbalances , Gastro-Intestinal Problems, Insect Bites , Parasites , Organ Imbalances , EMF Radiation OverExposure , and more ..

Any Remedy or Compound / or Even Homeopathic Kits Needed can be Made at any Potency !
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