DeDe Wedekind

DeDe Wedekind is a Voting Member of the Grammy Awards (National Recording Academy)
"Best New Female Artist of the Year" - 5th Annual Indie Music Channel Awards
"Best Adult Contemporary Album of the Year" Award - IMEA Awards 2016
Two "Album of the Year" Awards - IMEA Awards 2014
Best Vocalist - Singer Universe 2014
"I'm not afraid anymore," says DeDe Wedekind. "Not afraid to say the things I feel need to be said, and to take a chance with my music. I've found my joy, my purpose, and my peace." That's a good thing coming from this Houston-based crossover artist who hails from a long line of actors, storytellers and musicians on her father's Welsh side; and is also one of seven musical children from an exceptionally creative family. A lifelong singer, who only in the last 6 years has devoted herself to her music full-time, DeDe credits God for returning her to her gift.

"I'm a classically trained singer, pianist and flutist, and a self-taught ukulele player, and now also a songwriter who for the most part, abandoned music for a marketing career because it made 'more sense'," DeDe explains. "But about 9 years ago, the music came back for me. I started hearing my songs in my head - songs I've never heard before - and dreaming about music. I said to my husband, Larry, 'Honey? I think something’s going on here.'" He agreed that I needed to get back into music.

That statement propelled DeDe back into music full-time. She went back to college and received her Associate's Degree in music, re-learning vocal performance, piano, songwriting, and musical theory - and regained confidence and belief in her life’s calling.

"I prayed that God would lead me," DeDe explained. "And He did. But you know what?" she continued. "I couldn't have handled this career when I was younger. I needed more life experience. I didn't have the skill sets, the toughness, and the supportive spouse I have now. This was the right timing. Everything I've learned to this point - the marketing, writing, music - it's all come full circle to help me now. It's taken every ounce of everything I have to do this. It's the hardest thing I've ever done, but also fortunately, the most rewarding."

Best of all, DeDe is right where she should be, which is reflected in her music. "I was afraid to put myself out there; afraid to write a highly personal song, and get out there and perform it, but God took the fear away and here I am."

That's a beautiful blessing for fans of this crossover singer-songwriter, inspirational, adult contemporary, Americana, folk-country artist who's been compared to the angelic stylings of Celine Dion, Adele, Eva Cassidy, Amy Grant, Karen Carpenter, and Natalie Grant. But superb vocals and songwriting aside, DeDe doesn't strive to be like anyone else.

"I have a very versatile voice," says DeDe. "I try not to limit myself to one sound or genre, and love experimenting with world music and melody. My mission with music is the important thing, and that's to bring hope, joy and comfort," says DeDe. "I want to let people know there is someone else out there who cares. And, as a more mature artist, I also want to write great timeless music that appeals to all ages, and doesn't just follow the trends.”

Her inspiring messages are resonating with fans around the world. In 2016 DeDe won Best New Female Artist of the Year from the Indie Music Channel (IMC), as well as Album of the Year from the International Music & Entertainment Association (IMEA), for her latest Album, Dream of You. At the 2016 IMC Awards in Los Angeles, DeDe was also honored with Best Americana: Song, Recording, Production and Best Americana Artist, all for her hit song Dream of You. In 2014, she was very blessed to win not 1, but 2-Albums of the Year from the IMEA-both in the same year! DeDe received the 2014 Adult Contemporary Album of the Year for Love & Fairy Tales, and also the 2014 Holiday Album of the Year for World of Christmas.

She has recently been on a Radio and TV tour touting her latest song, the 2017 IMC Country Song/Recording of the Year and Best Video Finalist: America United. Originally inspired in church in 2012, America United was written by DeDe to help unify America and make our country stronger and better. By summer of 2016, DeDe and her husband decided it deserved a re-write, so in July 2016, DeDe re-wrote America United, making it more dynamic musically, and more relevant. She re-recorded it in Nashville in July 2016 with Producer George Hair (The Gaither Vocal Band, Word Music, etc.).

In 2014, DeDe was named BEST VOCALIST by the competition.
In August 2013, she was a Finalist in the UK Songwriting Competition for her original song, The Plans I Have For You. In 2014, she also was a two-time FINALIST in the International Songwriting Contest for Blame It On the Summertime, as well as The Fairy Tale Song.

"The Plans I Have For You from Love & Fairy Tales, is very special to me," DeDe shares. "It's based on Jeremiah 29:10-13, and it’s all about God’s amazing love for us, or any strong love between two people really: the love between a parent and their beloved child, or a husband and wife, for example”. The real message is, 'no matter who you are or what you’ve done, it's all about who you love, and who loves you that's really important.'"

DeDe also received a award in 2012 for Psalm on Danny Boy, which is an homage to Psalm 23 set to the tune Danny Boy, from her first album, Clear Skies Ahead. Psalm went on to be an Honorable Mention winner from Song of The Year. Pretty impressive for a singer-songwriter who's been on the music scene for less than 6 years.

In fact, in addition to her 2011 release of Clear Skies Ahead, and the summer 2013 launch of Love & Fairy Tales, DeDe introduced Album #3, World of Christmas on Nov. 5, 2013. "I love Christmas," DeDe says. "I get so excited about the holidays and this is something I've always wanted to do." At release, World of Christmas immediately entered the iTunes Top 40 New Christmas Releases 2013 Chart.

Produced by Grammy-award-winning Jeff Bova (Celine Dion's Falling Into You) this 2014 Album of the Year, features original songs and arrangements of Christmas classics. A unique blend of styles, world beats, and melodies, the CD crosses several different countries and musical genres - but retains the same inspiring messages DeDe strives to share.

"My favorite song on the album is One Child, DeDe shares. "It's about how one tiny child can change the world - and that's my other true calling, giving children & teens inspiration. I want everyone to know that you must follow your heart, find your dreams and make them come true, no matter how old or how young you are." Watch DeDe's music videos of One Child & The Fairy Tale Song here:

As part of her mission, DeDe & her husband, Larry support many charities for women, children & families, such as: Covenant House, Star of Hope, Humble Area Assistance Ministries & The Door Shelter, Village Learning Center, Samaritan’s Purse, World Vision, and the African Children's Choir with proceeds from her music.

In 2017, DeDe and Larry founded a new Faith-based charity, Matthew’s Hope. This charity, which arose from personal tragedy, is sponsored by the Betty Ford Foundation among many others. Matthew’s Hope helps teens, young adults and their parents and families who are dealing with the terrible reality of opioid, alcohol and other addictions. It also gives information about where to turn to for help, and what to do and who to turn to if a loved one is suspected of using, needs treatment, or even in the event of an overdose or death.

In 2015, DeDe & Larry’s son Matt, became one of the tens of thousands of victims yearly of opioid use, and very sadly lost his life - partly due to addiction. Matt’s story has inspired Larry and DeDe to start Matthew’s Hope and with it, a new TV series: At the Crossroads. Already preparing to air in the top 3 TV markets where opioid deaths are now among the highest levels in the US, Matthew’s Hope is prayerfully seeking further venues, sponsorships, Media and TV partnerships, clinics & treatment partners, advertising partners, volunteers, prayers and donations. Sadly, with over 33,000 deaths in 2016 and more expected in 2017, opioid use, addictions, and deaths from overdoses are now completely spiraling out of control, causing so much needless suffering, heartache, and personal and family tragedy for way too many Americans!

So, in 2016 and 2017, DeDe embarked on her “How We Can All Make America Better Tour”, a Radio & TV tour to tout the inspiring and hopeful messages of America United and Matthew’s Hope. She recently appeared as a featured guest on ABC-TV Evansville Tri-State’s WEHT-TV Morning Show, on NBC-TV’s “Today in Nashville” Show, on ABC-TV Little Rock’s “Good Morning Arkansas”, the “Live at 9!” Show on CBS-TV in Memphis, and on CTVN TV’s Real Life-Cornerstone TV Show in November 2016, and also was featured on the 2016 Atlanta TNT WATC-TV 57 Christmas Special. She’s also been on the following nationally syndicated radio shows: Doug Stephan’s Good Day Show, WSM RADIO Live from Opryland, The Phil Valentine Talk Radio Show, The Douglas Coleman Radio Show, the Mulberry Lane Radio Show and many, many others!

What’s next for DeDe? An inspirational album that’s a compilation of all her inspirational music from each album, called, DeDe: Songs of Hope. This, along with the producing the new theme song for the TV Show: At the Crossroads, written by DeDe, entitled Standing at the Crossroads, and one more inspirational song for the show and her new album.

"I want to share what I have been given," DeDe says. "I've made mistakes and it took some time to get where I am. But all the truly good things in life, it seems I’ve had to wait for - and I'm glad I did." And so are the rest of us who are uplifted by DeDe's musical gift. You can hear DeDe’s music on Apple Music, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Jango Radio, Pandora, Reverbnation, and many other internet and AM & FM stations worldwide. Her music is available for purchase on: DeDe’s Official Website, iTunes,, Reverbnation, Spotify, and all major online music outlets, just search: “DeDe Wedekind Music”.
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