Custom Adventure Seekers Tour Package

We provide services to both travelers and new Boquete residents.

Our team is dedicated to providing travelers with an amazing adventure and a unique experience unlike any other offered.

Travelers today are more demanding than ever before. They can search for the same offer in dozens, or even hundreds, of retail and reservations websites with simple mouse clicks. Information is everywhere, and travelers are more educated than ever.

We provide experiences that aren't on the web, that are offered exclusively through Boquete Concierge. We have direct relationships with accommodation providers - both hotels and private residences, restaurants and private chefs, exclusive tour providers and access to amazing spaces not available to the public.

We provide only customized vacation packages. This customization process starts by understanding the budget, wants and needs of the family, or group, and filtering down the possibilities to a plan that fits them.

These customized vacation plans also guarantee the client an exclusive and unique experience, The final result is a completely custom fitted trip!
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