Corrective & Therapeutic Hoof Care by Jessica

Corrective & Therapeutic Hoof Care by Jessica
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Corrective & Therapeutic Hoof Care

No hoof No horse.

Jessica Schrock has been a professional Farrier for the past 21 years, dealing with a plethora of complications, corrective and therapeutic trimming and shoeing, such as Navicular, White Line Disease, Laminitis, etc. Jessica's education of choice was Tucson Horse Shoeing School, Tucson, Arizona, USA, with the famous George Goode and his (at that time) controversial higher angles and correct corresponding faster break-overs. (yes, we are aware that Break-Over is an old school term now with all this high techy farrier stuff, reinventing the wheel) Back then, lower angles were the norm, and George's idea of having shorter toes and longer heels was practically unheard of. This is now the norm of this day and age, yet back then it was cutting edge and many believed if you "pulled" toes back, it would lame up the animal, so they left long, sloping toes and underslung heels. The "norm" for Panama.

Farrier Science with an objective approach is what she learned and became an artist in taking a biological entity and combining talent in bio-mechanics, physics, science and geometry to successfully give the animal a happy, healthy, long life, full of continued service. Because of Jessica's ability to detect pain in horses and treat it, even without hoof tester and radiographs, she became known as the "Hoof Doctor" in Costa Rica in early 2000's, after helping many horses in a great deal of pain and agony. This name has stuck. Most of the time, she just walked up to a horse and it "spoke" to her. She got it from her Grandfather. The "gift".

Jessica went to school to become a Farrier to treat her own horses and keep them in excellent working order. Her talent and "pretty hooves" captured many a fellow boader's eye (in Canada) and soon, she found herself shoeing and trimming for friends and fellow boarders. She apprenticed with Kevin Sorkel in Langley, British Columbia for some time and went out on her own, treating horses at the track, as well as in stables and private farms.

With technology increase and furthering education, Jessica has since opted out of shoes for horses and has all horses at BEC Barefoot and healthier than ever. She does offer Barefoot Transition and Maintenance with idea of horse maintaining hooves on their own, with limited human intervention- as nature intended. All BEC horses are sports athletes (Barefoot) and compete in Barrel Racing, Roping events, Jumping, etc with better traction than traditionally shod horses. Her barefoot horse was the only one to not only take a precarious 2nd barrel at speed, but used the natural 4x4 grip to the tune of a pay cheque in full downpour and mud. Others slipped, tripped and some even fell down. Testament to barefoot trumps even barrel shod horses.

BEC does not do "barefoot" trim, nor does it do a farrier trim. We have our own trim we use on our horses, with amazing success in immediate transition from shoes to bare. We do offer Hoof Armor, a protective epoxy type substance that dries on the bottom of the hooves, acting as a barrier between ground and hoof. Some horses require it.

Barefoot horses success also greatly depends on proper diet and nutrition with plenty of protein. We do offer an assessment and corrective nutrition plans specifically designed for your horse and his dietary needs.

Farrier Services

Hoof Assessment:

55 USD (Chiriqui area. Outside Chiriqui, expenses paid, will visit farm)

35 USD for Boarders at BEC

Hoof Consultation ( In stables) 25 USD

Basic Trimming- 45 USD, 35 USD for Boarders at BEC

Corrective Trimming- 65 USD

Barefoot Transition

Brief trims every week for two weeks for 1-3 months, forming hoof in Barefoot shape, toughening feet up and maintaining desired natural state of hooves (from damaging shoes)

Consultation Fee 25 USD

Maintenance (shaping) Trim, 25 USD (topside of hoof, only)

Hoof Armor Application- 45 USD, plus corrective trimming, 35 USD BEC Boarders & Members

Therapeutic work- 65-150 USD

We also offer clinics and workshops
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