Chiriqui Storage & Flea Market

17km northbound 20km southbound David Boquete Road
Dolega, PA.CH

Chiriqui Storage opened its doors December 2008 as the area between David and Boquete was growing and a business of this nature had not been established. Always entrepreneurs, Linda and Hellmut Pedersen searched for the right property to build the business and determined that the 2 ½ acres full of rocks adjacent east side to the principal road from David to Boquete was the right location.

They proceeded to legally check with all the pertinent agencies in Panama and walked through the purchase of the property and the correct channels to present a plan and build the facility. This preparation took 1 ½ years, but improvement and expansion has been an ongoing thing. Early on in the project Penny Barrett joined the partnership, all of us celebrating our opening day.

Slowly the rocks were rolled into other places and buried, roadways were created, gardens built, and shipping containers were installed under metal roofs which kept them dry in the rainy season and cooler in the hot sun. Therefore the contents are very dry inside, as we have been told. The facility started with 23 storage units and has grown to over 50 units.

Chiriqui Storage created an outdoor area for car and boat storage, as well as some facilities for recreational vehicles (30 amp plug in, wifi, water, bathroom).

As the business grew the owners decided to use a roofed area on the north side of the property and try out a flea market, and it was an instant success. The flea market is on the first Sunday of the month from 10am til 1pm. It is extremely popular and a great community event.

We keep improving the facility for your safety and convenience by the installation of a chain link fence around the property topped with 10 inch razor wire, a 24 hour live in manager, guard dogs, camera security system and motion lights. Your safety is our concern and we strive to improve on all levels.

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