Boquete Bees - Tours, Honey Tastings, Coffee Farm and Butterfly House

Boquete Bees and Butterflies
Milquiberger Road - Before Cruce make Right By side of Jenny Mercadito and Casa Romero
Los Naranjos, PA.CH

Just as raw vegetables are preferable because of their nutritional content, the same is true of honey. Raw honey is honey that has not been heated, pasteurized or processed in any way. The differences between raw and pasteurized honey are substantial. Raw honey is an alkaline-forming food that contains natural vitamins, enzymes, powerful antioxidants and other important natural nutrients. These are the very nutrients that are destroyed during the heating and pasteurization process. In fact, pasteurized honey is equivalent to and just as unhealthy as eating refined sugar.

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Panama City

To bring to market the very highest quality and variety of raw, unprocessed honey. Maintain all the bioactivity of live honey by non pasteurisation and minimal filtration. Developing the widest range of monovarietal raw honey in Panama.

Butterfly House

What can you do in Boquete for $5. Using your resident discount of 50% you can fly with the butterflies to the sound of music right here in Los Naranjos!

Come and enjoy the butterflies, wonder at how much food our caterpillars eat in the laboratory and marvel at the colors and shapes of the pupae.

A magical experience. Show your 4- Cedula or E-Cedula if you are an ex-pat resident.
Open Sundays
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