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How to receive your packages via Air Service

The Airbox Express Air Freight service is a quick/efficient way to shop online, receiving packages from Miami to Panama. The delivery time for packages is 2-4 business days, once the shipment is received in our warehouse in Miami. We recommend the use of our air freight service for packages weighing up to 20lbs.

To estimate the cost of receiving a package via Air, please us our Air Freight Calculator.

How to Receive your Purchases with Airbox Express

To use our Airbox Express service, you must have an account number which will be used as your identification number in all your purchases, whether you choose to receive them via air or sea freight. If you do not have an account number, Join Now for free!

When you are shopping Online, there is an infinite number of online stores where you can find the exact item that you're looking for. Not sure where to look first? Check out our list of US based Online Stores.

Once you find the product of your choice include it in your shopping cart. List your Miami address as your shipping address. Remember to use the appropriate address, depending on how you want your cargo to be transported: by air or sea.

If you don't have a credit card, you can always use our business credit card.

Once your purchase has arrived at our Miami warehouse, they will be sent to Panama. Depending on the delivery method you have chosen, you can pick up your package at the branch of your choice or use our Home Delivery service.
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