2 Guys & a Cooler

100 Av. Buenos Aires
Alto Lino, PA.CH

2 - 6PM Monday through Saturday
We are a family run business that specializes in Frozen take out meals. All of our meals come prepared, prepackaged and frozen. All you have to do is take a meal out and pop it in the oven. Very fast, very convenient, and very affordable. Each one of our meals will generally feed 2 adults for under $9. No other place offers the widest variety of international cuisine at incredible prices. Enjoy the selections that we offer and be sure to visit frequently. We are always adding new items to our menu for an experience that is constantly growing.

Great food doesn't have to be complicated. We bring together delicious ingredients and cook them using traditional and modern techniques. This produces a dish that has the look and feel of a soul satisfying and belly filling home cooked meal. Stay in tonight, order take out, and join the 2 Guys & A Cooler Experience.
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